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Goodwin House Foundation


The Goodwin House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that serves as the fundraising arm of Goodwin House Incorporated. Its mission is as follows:

“Through the power of philanthropy, we seek and celebrate generosity to carry out the mission of Goodwin House, to provide financial security to residents, to enable staff to thrive in their careers, and to support innovation, thus enhancing the lives of older adults and those who care for them."

Established in 1989, its primary purpose is to raise, manage, and grant funds for the Goodwin House Resident Support Program, the confidential financial assistance program for residents who have outlived their financial resources. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that retirement at Goodwin House includes freedom from financial worry. The Resident Support Program is funded solely by charitable contributions; no funds come from residents' fees. This program covers the monthly fees for those who have run out of money, and also covers the one-time fees for items such as dental surgeries or medical equipment for those residents who cannot afford them.

The Foundation recently broadened its vision to include programs to support staff members: for tuition assistance, for citizenship application fees and for emergency financial assistance. 

The Foundation also raises funds to support the hospice program, providing important income to support those who need hospice care and don’t have the insurance to cover it, and to provide therapies and sources of comfort for those in their last stages of life. 


All gifts are fully tax-deductible under IRS regulations and may provide additional tax advantages for a donor.

A webinar with Tom West on "Crisis, Charity, and You: How to Make Your Best Impact in an Upside-down World" can be heard HERE.

Goodwin House Foundation is excited to announce on February 22, 2021, a very special gift! The Foundation’s mission is to “seek and celebrate generosity.” Join us in celebrating a very special gift from the estate of Milton Joseph Stoutenburgh, a resident at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads since 2013. Out of an abundance of gratitude for his Goodwin House experience, Mr. Stoutenburgh made a provision in his will to provide others the same opportunity he had. We have received notice that he has left us approximately $1,000,000 in a gift from his estate. This gift is unrestricted and will be placed into our endowment so that it will increase our ability to support, honor and uplift more lives of older adults and those who care for them for many years to come.

Lynne O’Connell, Mr. Stoutenburgh’s niece, said, “My uncle treasured his life at Goodwin House; he enjoyed many friendships among his fellow residents and truly loved the staff. I really believe moving to Goodwin House gave him a new lease on life because of those friendships and all the activities and programs available for his varied interests. I always had peace of mind knowing he was receiving beautiful care.”

We are honored by Mr. Stoutenburgh’s legacy of giving, and we wish to thank everyone in our community who played a role in inspiring this tremendous act of generosity. We hope this gift inspires others to consider the legacy they can leave with a gift to the Foundation as well.

If you’d like to explore ways to make a legacy gift, click here.


Celebration of Fiscal year 2020 (September 30, 2020)
We are pleased to include you in the Foundation’s first ever virtual donor reception. Here is a link so that you join us in celebrating all the generosity from the Goodwin House community this past year!  

You might be pleased to know that the entire editing process of our video was completed by Peg Bethany, a Goodwin House resident.  She has spent countless hours in pulling all of our video clips together and was motivated to do this in order to save the Foundation’s funds for residents and staff in need.

This past year was a remarkable one in many ways. We were overwhelmed by the support we received, especially the increased gifts sent with the intention of lifting up our residents and staff members in need.  Our Annual Fund raised over $1.3 million in its first year, and the gifts were put to use immediately, giving hope to all of our recipients during a difficult time.


The Foundation’s support runs deep throughout the Goodwin House community. Generosity is an integral ingredient in “The Goodwin House Way.” It touches every aspect of our community in whatever is the most pressing need at the time, and it allows for gratitude and joy in every donor who contributes. Giving to Goodwin House Foundation ensures you are making a difference in people’s lives—when you support residents, you support staff, and when you support staff, you support residents. This circle of generosity is at the core of all that we do at Goodwin House. Giving to the Foundation means you are making the correlation between the life you or your loved one enjoyed with Goodwin House and the generosity it took to make that happen.

Our confidential financial assistance fund supports residents who, through no fault of their own, have depleted their assets. For more than five decades, Goodwin House has been able to guarantee that no resident would ever be asked to leave because of financial resources. Currently, the Foundation budgets approximately $600,000 a year in resident support. The residents who receive this support—and their family members—are extremely grateful for the peace of mind that this program offers.

Through the generosity of residents, family members, staff and friends of Goodwin House, the Foundation provides significant financial support to staff. We have financial assistance programs for staff members who experience unexpected financial setbacks.

We offer tuition support and other professional development opportunities so that our staff can thrive in their lives, and realize their career and educational aspirations. Most recently, our Staff Support Program offered grants to cover U.S. citizenship application fees. We are proud that through the end of 2020, 70 members of our staff have received grants (for the $725 application fee) to assist them in their journey to U.S. citizenship.

During the covid-19 pandemic, many of our staff members faced unprecedented financial difficulties. They were asked to give up their second and third jobs to minimize the risk of the virus coming into our community. We were able to offer over 500 grants to staff members to put more food on the table, provide funding for rent, utilities, childcare and overdue bills.

To hear more about our staff support programs, we encourage you to watch these two videos.



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